LUSH X-Mas Angel Bath Bomb

Hello all! So I think this is near the end of my LUSH holiday bath products… I think I have one more bath bomb and a few soaps left! Let me know if I have not yet reviewed anything that you would be interested in from the past holiday collection! I am sure that  have reviewed most of it below though. For todays holiday past time, I will be reviewing a LUSH Retro Holiday collection item. This is the X-Mas Angel bath bomb!

Here are product photos:




  • Very unique – this was an interesting product. It was a special edition and only available for a short period of time because it was in the Retro and Holiday LUSH collections.
  • Lasts a while – this product was fizzing in my bath the entire time… I was shocked how long it took to fizz out! I am not sure what this would be classified as because it had different qualities than bath bombs. For example, it took a while to fizz and did not necessarily change my bath water at all.


  • Too Minty – I did not enjoy how minty and fresh this product was. I used this in my bath in the evening hours… I think this product is definitely for a morning bath! But who takes baths in the morning… I sure do not! The smell was a bit medical-ish… it smells too minty for me.

Overall, I do not think I would repurchase this Retro/Holiday LUSH product… It was a little off for me. I did not enjoy the aroma but did like how long it lasted in my tub! Also, I used a pink heel bath bead in the tub which made my water super moisturizing and hydrating! I like these because the whole thing melts in the tub leaving nothing behind. I will do a post all about the different bath beads I have.

Guess what?!?! Tomorrow I will be going to the LUSH Spa in NYC at the Lexington location…. I am SUPER EXCITED! I will be taking lots of pictures and probably will have another haul! Do any of y’all want to guess what treatment I will be getting?!


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