LUSH Holiday Bath Bombs

How is everyones weekend going? Mine has been great. Relaxing, sleeping and watching Netflix always makes for a happy and calm weekend! Today I wanted to review two LUSH Holiday bath bombs from the past holiday collection. Lets get started with the first one!

Snowman bath bomb:



This was a great bath bomb. It was a bit small though for my tub. Therefore, I added some bubble bath along with it! The colors in the tub were very simple. Just red, white and a little bit of orange! I do not remember anything that fascinating about the bath bomb but enjoyed the overall bath! The smell was very calming and great. I want to say that this is just a holiday version of the al year round Butterball bath bomb but do not quote me on that! I would recommend this “mini” bath bomb for anyone who enjoys a relaxing bubble bath (just need to add the bubbles)! I found the Snowman bath bomb information from the LUSH UK website. You can access it here.

Bombardino bath bomb:



I really loved this bath bomb! It smells phenomenal! This holiday product is actually designed after the lemon zest holiday drink, Bombardino! What a fitting name for a bath bomb! The fresh ingredients in this product are powdered soy milk, fair trade vanilla absolute and of course, LEMON! The effects of this bomb were great. The top of it is like whipped cream and actually disintegrates in a really unique way! It is very thick and frothy. The yellow part of the bomb bursts with glitter! The only downfall was that the chocolate chips stuck to the bottom of my bath tub for a few days. Otherwise, I highly recommend this product to brighten up your holiday season! If you wish to learn more, you can visit this YouTube video from LUSH Cosmetics!

Unfortunately both of these products are not available anymore because they both were a part of the LUSH holiday collection. I am sure they will come out with the Bombardino next year because they seemed to be a big hit! Also, the Snowman bomb is very very similar to the Butterball bath bomb available all year round from LUSH! Check these out next holiday and let me know what bath bombs you have been using to start off your new year!


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