Rose Jam Shower Gel Review

So today will be a fun day because after school I am headed over to a Luke Bryan concert in Connecticut! But before my life gets a little to busy to handle… I thought that I should post about one of my favorite holiday shower gels last year from LUSH… Rose Jam! This shower gel actually came out a few months before Christmas and unfortunately, there are no more online or in LUSH stores! I am positive though they will debute this shower gel sometime throughout this year again!

Here is the product image (mine is a little loved):




  • Great aroma – If you are a fan of roses, this shower gel was made for you! It smells exactly like a field of roses or the LUSH product Rose Jam bubble bar. Even if you cannot find this product anywhere, LUSH offers many many products that have strong rose scents.
  • Awesome color – The color of this shower gel is a rosy-cranberry pink! It is beyond beautiful… I have to say, one of my favorite product colors from LUSH!


  • Longer scent – The only downfall of this shower gel is that it does not stay on your body long enough (the smell I mean). It is difficult to smell on you after the shower since other smells like your shampoo and conditioner over power it. Maybe if the scent was a little bit stronger it would stay on your body longer after a hot, steamy shower!

This was a great limited edition shower gel from LUSH. Although you cannot purchase this one anymore right now, LUSH offers other phenomenal shower gels which I will review! Check them all out here! Please share the shower gels you have tried from LUSH! I would love LOVE to hear about them!


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