Snow Globe Soap Review

So for my second post today, I wanted to talk about the LUSH holiday soap, Snow Globe! This is a super cool soap. I love everything about it. So time to review!

Here are some images of the soap:




  • Great aroma – I love the smell of this product. It is very citrus oriented. It awakes you!! I do not recommend this soap for a relaxing, night bath… it is maybe to awakening! So this soap makes for a great morning shower.
  • Cool design – I love the colors and design of this soap. The large shape of this soap is a huge snow globe that has chunks of “snow” in it! So from my pictures, you can kind of tell that I got the bottom of the globe with some pieces of white “snow.”


  • Awkward lather – This soap does have a really odd texture and lather. The blue part of the soap does not lather at all while the white chunks lather A LOT. I still wish the whole thing lathered a bit more… but I wish that with every post!

Snow Globe is an awesome winter soap. It is very different from Christmas scents or other holiday scents which makes it super unique! The smell is great and awakening while the design is seriously awesome. Let me know if you have tried this holiday soap!

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