Buche De Noel Facial Cleanser Review

So I want to reivew another holiday LUSH product… this time it is the Buche De Noel facial cleanser! This is a up in the air product for me. I like the idea of it… but not sure if I truly LOVE the product.

Here are some product images:




  • Great cleanse – this cleanser does clean my face pretty well. I feel refreshed, hydrated and ready for my moisturizer and toner once I use it! I have been starting to use it a lot more… but still not sure if it is worth it!


  • Chunks on chunks – there are way, way to many chunks in this cleanser. Mine especially has lots of dried fruit (I think cranberries?). These pieces of fruit get stuck in my sink and do not even get the chance to make it one my face!
  • Seaweed explosion – I am not a huge fan of this one wrapped in seaweed… especially since it is in a pot, the seaweed smell is VERY strong. I mean VERY STRONG. It is hard for me to smell the actual cleanser because of the seaweed.

Overall, I am not a super fan of this facial cleanser. I will still use it all up since it is only a small amount! So far, my favorite facial cleansers from LUSH are Angles On Bare Skin and Let The Good Times Roll… those both have a great consistency and smell! Let me know your thoughts on Buche De Noel!

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