Luxury LUSH Pud Bath Bomb

Hello all! So I still have a lot of Holiday LUSH products that I need to review! Here is one right now… the Luxury LUSH Pud bath bomb! This was an awesome bath… I loved the smell and effects this product had!

Here are some action bath images:




  • Great color – this bath bomb was beautiful!!! As you can tell from the pictures, it turned my bath water a deep magenta. While it was fixing out there were hints of green! You can see the green part of the bath bomb in the picture on the top right.
  • Smell – this had a unique LUSH smell… actually, I am not sure if it was unique or just LUSH! The smell was just like a LUSH store! I really really loved the mell of this product. It felt like I was bathing in the middle of LUSH!
  • Good size – this was a decent size bath bomb! I did not feel like I needed more product while I was in the tub. I have a pretty large tub and the whole bomb did the job!


  • Shimmer please? – I really missed having luster in this bath bomb. The smell and color was so great… that I missed having a bit of a shimmer when I got out of the tub! There was not a large amount at all of any shimmer that was apparent to the eye!

Overall, I LOVED this bath bomb! It was a true Luxury LUSH Pud! I think that they should create something full time/ year round with this color and smell! It was phenomenal! Unfortunately, if you wish to try this bath bomb you will have to wait until next Holiday season… I am sure they will come out with this again or something exactly like it!


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