ncLA Nail Polish + Holographic’s

Hello all! This is a post for my nail polish lovers! First, I wanted to share three different social media posts from ncLA nail polish. Second, I wanted to show y’all two lovely holographic polishes that are around the same shade. These are also social media posts! So here we go…

ncLA posts:



This is a repost from @katengnails. I love love the combination of the nail wraps with the nail art gemstones and pearls! It is a phenomenal and very pearl-y manicure! I also love this nail wrap design from ncLA. It was actually in another nail trend social media post I published below. This picture was on ncLA’s Instagram.



Do these wraps look familiar at all?! Haha well this is actually another repost from @karengnails on ncLA’s Instagram (wow that was a weird sentence). Anyways, this is another manicure that features the same nail wraps. I like how simple this one is. Only one nail has the pearl wrap and the others are a deep royal blue with a gemstone and grey cuticle.



Happy Valentines day! Yet again, this is another post from ncLA’s Instagram. Although, this time it is not a repost! So this post is representing the launch of their 4 piece Valentines Day collection! I have not yet looked into the other colors that are featured in this collection…. But I am in love with this clear top coat with a variety of heart shaped glitter!

Holographic posts:



So I was not sure If I should post this one under ncLA or holographic because I wanted to compare this holographic shade with another one! SO this one is a holo shade from ncLA! This shade looks like it is a light blue with the holographic mixture. I like this color. You normally see darker holographic polishes. But this one is unique because it is light and a lot more subtle.



Now this holographic shade is a bit different! It is a lot darker and more apparent. I LOVE this polish. This picture is from the Instagram account @enchatedpolish. Enchanted Polish is a great indie brand! They have probably a zillion holographic polishes! I love this color though… it is called Presto Magic! What a fun name!! They actually have been posting this color a lot lately on their Instagram account!

Hope you enjoyed this mini – mixture of nail polish trends! Let me know what trends you are most excited for and if you follow a cool nail polish Instagram!

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