Alex and Ani – Path of Life

So I rarely post jewelry posts, but I am posting one today! I got the Alex and Ani book for Christmas, Path of Life. It was very very very positive and almost life changing for a jewelry company’s book! So I wanted to share my Alex and Ani jewelry along with my thoughts and reasonings behind purchasing each piece!

Here is the Path of Life book:


So this book was great… it basically was composed of mini stories about why people gravitate towards certain Alex and Ani bracelets. I enjoyed reading about each persons reasoning and logic behind a simple piece of jewelry! The book also described the company’s history and roots in Massachusetts. The final part of the book was a dictionary of all the bracelet’s it was really interesting to see every bracelet they offer!

Here is my collection of Alex and Ani bracelets:


I have seven bracelets. Some have a personal connection while others are just for fun and looks! Each bracelet has three words that go along with it! You will see what I mean when I describe each. I have (from left to right)…

  • Star of Venus – love/beauty/inspiration – this is a lovely bracelet for me. I love love love the gold copper color of the wires and the meanings should be held true for every women!
  • Living Water – purity/healing reflection – this is actually a Charity By Design bracelet from Alex + Ani. This means that they send a certain amount of the profit from this bracelet design to the charity they are representing. In this case, it is Living Water International.
  • Peridot (August birth stone) – peace/luck/courage – yes, I am an August baby! This bracelet is one of my only ones in silver. I love how shiny it is and the meaning behind the stone is so powerful! They offer a birth stone for every month.
  • I am not sure that this blue beaded bracelet has a specific name… it is just one of their bangles that has mini royal blue beads around it! (You can see a part of the beads in the pictures below).
  • Initial Charm – A – personal/timeless/distinctive – this is actually their old initial design. Obviously, my name is Andrea so this charm bracelet is personal and distinctive and even timeless to me! They have all the letters of the alphabet in this charm style!
  • Best Friends – loyalty/happiness infinity – this charm bracelet comes with two halves. It is like one of those best friends bracelets! One of my good friends has the other half of mine! This one is another Charity By Design bracelet supporting the chairity, American Heart Association.
  • Air Force – integrity/excellence service – my boyfriend was in the Air Force for a while and he got me this bracelet. I love love love it! He did a great job in the Air Force and am proud to call him my other half!

Other than bangles, Alex and Ani also offers necklaces, rings and earrings. Another gift I got for Christmas was a pair of Alex and Ani earrings in the stone, Illumination. Illumination is a part of their Crystal: Color Therapy line that has 11 different stones. Illumination means intellect, illumination and spirituality:


To finish of this unique post, I wanted to show you two close ups of my favorite bracelets. Alex and Ani is an awesome all-American jewelry brand that is insanely popular in the Northeast. Check it out! Let me know if you have any Alex and Ani jewelry that you treasure!



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