Holiday Lilly Pulitzer Social Media

So I know that this is a bit late… because it is not Christmas or the holiday season anymore! But, I thought these were awesome Lilly Pulitzer social media posts. I had to share them! Lilly Pulitzer is a designer with home roots in Palm Beach, Florida. I have talked about this brand more in detail in posts below. But you can find information and shop at their website.

Post #1: So this is a pretty unique Instagram post from Lilly Pulitzer because it shows fans #buymelilly posts. Lilly started a “selfie” campaign around Christmas called #buymelilly, where customers would take pictures on social media of them in their new Lilly purchases! Here are a few of the fan pictures in this post.



Post #2: This was a Facebook post from Lilly showing all their Lilly stocking styles. This post is informational and basically an ad because to get these stockings, Lilly customers had to spend x amount during the holiday season. What stocking would you pick?! I would go for the green one in the front.



Post #3: This is the famous pink Lilly Christmas tree post on Instagram. I love this tree and post because it truly exemplifies the brand of Lilly Pulitzer. It is a bright pink, has colorful ornaments on it, Lilly bags under the tree and you can tell it is in a Lilly office or store because of the colorful, Lilly printed couch in the background.



Post #4: This is a #lilly5x5 posted on Facebook. I thought this was adorable! The water color picture is painted perfectly and the saying is pretty original, “Meet Me Under The Mistletoe.”



Post #5: This is another #lilly5x5 post on Instagram. I thought that this one was also pretty adorable but it also represents the brand! You have the snow globe with painted with colorful water colors and inside the snow globe is a tropical setting! Most of the Lilly clothes are made for tropical vacations and locations! They are very very colorful!



Post #6: Again, another #lilly5x5 on Instagram, but this one is another take on the “mistletoe” post. This time, the post represents the brand. The caption says, “Find me under the tropical mistletoe #lilly5x5.” The brand represents the tropics so this fits with the brand!



I enjoy finding all these different social media posts and then blogging about them, let me know if you enjoy these posts! Happy Wednesday! Tata for now!

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