Nail Art Supply Storage

Well folks! Who is ready for a nail post?! This one is going to be a bit different from other because I am sharing all my nail art supplies and how I store it! This should be an interesting and entertaining post! I always think that reading, watching or learning about how people organize and store things makes for great posts! So here is how I store all my nail art supplies!



Here is my storage box. I purchased a craft box on sale at TJ Maxx… I thought that it would be perfect for small supplies like gemstones and nail art paints! The box has a tray on top and a bunch of room below it! I also purchased small trays to put into the box for more organization.. they were also from TJ Maxx!



So here is the top tray once you open the box… this tray has nail files, tweezers, nail clippers and toe separators! I basically put all items that I use frequently in here… it is not very organized but oh well! It works well for me!



So the next part of the box is when you take off the tray! As you see here, I have a small tray filled with various nail art paints! I am planning on doing a post about these with the different colors! I ordered this set from Amazon! Also in this layer, I have a few extra cotton balls and my nail buffer (which is also from TJ Maxx) !



So this is the last layer and bottom of the box! This layer has a long tray with nail wraps, nail brushes and a sample of Lemony Flutter cuticle cream from LUSH! Next I have three small box trays. The first one has three pin wheels of different gemstones. The second box has nail glue in it! Finally, the third box has individual toe separators in it! Then, on the side I have a miniature bag of oval cotton balls!

This is a great box because it is easy to transport! I alway bring it over to my friends house to do their nails! Also, it holds a lot of stuff! You have to admit that! Let me know how you enjoyed this post! Tata for now!

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