Hello all! So recently I took on a do it yourself (DIY) project with the LUSH catalogs. I cut up a product pieces, text pieces and anything else that really interested me in their newspaper catalogs! These paper pieces were mainly from the Fall 2013 LUSH Times. I then wanted to use the folder for school so got it laminated… this was my first mod-podge experience, so it was a bit lumpy!

Here are some pictures of my lovely DIY folder:



So this is the finished product!!! As you can see I just took pieces from the catalog and mod-podge’d it to a normal Five Star black folder. To make the spin a bit more durable, I added a black piece of construction paper there! I am excited to use this folder throughout this next semester of school!!!! I just finished another DIY LUSH mod-podge project that I will also be posting about soon! Let me know if you have done any DIY LUSH projects or even LUSH art projects!

LUSH appreciates all their fan artwork – you can find some of it at this link. This link is from the LUSH blog and the article is titled: Fan Art Hall of Fame!!! Haha what a creative title! The below picture is actually from this blog post (and it is my favorite piece in the post) that LUSH posted on Facebook a few weeks back! It was a part of the #25daysofLUSH media campaign! So if you have any fan artwork or DIY projects that involve LUSH in some way, please please share!!!


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