Woodlands, Texas LUSH Haul

Hello all!!! Sorry I did not post yesterday, I was in New Jersey visiting a fiend from school. So to make up for it, I will post a mini LUSH haul from my trip to Houston, TX this past holiday.

Here is what I got:



  • LUSH Life Woodlands tote – I LOVE this bag!!!! I have never seen a LUSH tote like this one before. It says, “Living the LUSH LIfe! Woodlands.” The store I went to was a brand new addition to Market Street (a upper class shopping center in Woodlands, TX). The bag also has a few of their staple products on it Dream Cream, Happy Hippy, some soap, fresh fruit and the Big Blue signature bath bomb!
  • Happy Hippy shower gel – I just realized that I purchased the shower gel on the tote! Surprisingly, I have not yet tried Happy Hippy shower gel… But the smell is phenomenal! It has a great citrus scent. Very fresh and phenomenal for the shower! Review will be up soon!
  • Believe lipstick – I could not pass up this beautiful, electric pink shade! I tried it on in the store and was with my boyfriend who loved, loved it! This is my third lip stick purchase from the Emotional Brilliance line! I am planning on reviewing them all very soon!

Here is a picture of the store: (Sorry this one was taken late at night!) – You can see the bright LUSH letters! They were almost blinding!



This was a very small mini haul, but a good one! All the products I got are great and the tote is just phenomenal!!!! The Woodlands is almost my home town so that is my new home town LUSH Store! I have already lugged around the tote shopping! I actually just went to LUSH again and purchased more products (surprise) to share with y’all very soon! Where is your hometown store located?

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