Victoria’s Secret Polish Makeover

So for all my polish followers, here is a cool polish post! Since I am a huge huge huge fan of Victoria Secret, I also am a fan of their polishes! Last year I purchased two polishes from their VS make up line. Recently, they re-designed their entire nail polish line! The bottles are a different shape and the colors are pretty unique!

Here is the old VS nail polish:



  • Star Power – This is the silver sparkle, glitter shade. It is more over a top glitter polish than an all by itself, base coat. I rally like this sparkle lacquer because it has small silver glitter and large glitter in it.
  • Drama Queen – This is the purple shade. Unlike Star Power, I think that this one can be used as a base coat and a glitter top coat. I really like this lavender, sparkle polish! It is a great color for all-year round.

Here is the new VS nail polish:



  • Peep Show – This is the light pink luster lacquer. The swatch of the polish on here does not do it justice! I wore this polish over Christmas and loved it! It is a light pink shade with multi colored luster in it.
  • At Midnight – This is the deep blue shade with purple luster in it. Again, I do not think the swatch above does this polish any justice! It is beautiful! I have yet to try this polish but cannot wait! The color is extremely infused with purple, light blue and cobalt blue luster! So so so beautiful.

So when I compare the old style vs. the new style, I love the new style!!! The polishes are beautifully packaged and the brush is larger and wider. The old style reminds me way to much of Butter polish. In fact, they are exactly the same! These types of bottles bother me because the brush handle is very very small (way to small for my hands! And I have pretty small hands to begin with). Let me know if you have tried any of the new Victoria’s Secret polishes! They have a range of shades out now, some glitter and some not. What is your favorite nail polish? VS is definitely in my top list! Especially with their new designs.

3 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Polish Makeover

    • andypuskar says:

      They are around $8-10 normally But with the Semi-Annual Sale going on, they are $5 and cheaper! I just got a new hot pink shade for $5! Let me know if you get any! I would love to see what shades you picked out!


      • blushingbiddies says:

        I’m currently in HK, and even though we -just- got some VS stores, they don’t seem to do the same sales D: I’m going to the mall tomorrow though, will definitely check it out 😀 Thanks!


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