Lexington LUSH Spa Opening

Hello all! So this morning when I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, I saw this post from the page I follow, LUSH Cosmetics SHop and Spa NYC – Lexington Ave:

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 9.20.29 AM


This is pretty awesome! It’s a sneak peak of one of the walls in the spa! It also has information about when they are opening and how you can book. I am so so so excited to book an appointment here! I will for sure be getting The Comforter done first! For those of you who are not a huge LUSHie, LUSH has a few different spa locations around the world but none in the United States so far. So the one on Lexington Ave. and in Philadelphia will be the two firsts! I am positive they will do a great business!

The last time I was in the LUSH store in Herald Square in NYC, I picked up this flyer advertising the new spa:



This is a flyer about the size of a large index card that describes all the different fresh handmade treatments the LUSH Spa will be offering. I know it is hard to read so I will  describe each treatment:

  1. The Comforter? – This treatment is all about exfoliation. It has a hot chocolate scrub and a rose body serum involved. (This is the one I really want to try!)
  2. Synaesthesia – This is the signature spa treatment. You choose how you want to feel from 11 different emotional states. The treatment includes a choreographed massage to make you fully relax.
  3. Validation – This is a face massage that is supposed to increase your confidence. The treatment is supposed to help you feel naturally, truly beautiful.
  4. The Good Hour – This treatment is a full-body deep tissue massage. The main purpose of this massage is to release pain and tension in your muscles.
  5. The LUSH Sound Bath – This is a meditative treatment that helps you hear and listen with in yourself. The purpose of this bath is to help you mentally clear all the mess in your ming and listen to your body.
  6. Tailor Made – This is a tailored treatment, which means it is made just to suit your body! The purpose of this treatment is to make certain muscles in your body feel relaxed and free of pain. It focuses on the body part that need the most attention.
  7. The Spell – This is a foot treatment. It includes a foot soak, scrub and massage!

If any of these treatments sound appealing or you are just a huge LUSHie waiting to experience more LUSH, you can visit the Facebook page for the NYC-Lexington Ave. location at: https://www.facebook.com/LUSHLexington. It will be very exciting to see and experience any of these spa treatments! Let me know what treatment you are most excited to try!

P.S. – Has anyone noticed an error on the flyer yet? The bottom part where they talk about the Facebook pages for each of the U.S. locations is flipped! The NYC one has the Philly page and vice versa!

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