LUSH Holiday Shower Gel Duo

How many of y’all have used a shower gel from LUSH? Probably many many of you! Well LUSH has an array of shower gels. I have tried quite a few… There are at least five in my shower right now! But these two shower gels, Ponche and Snow Fairy, are extremely special because they are a part of the LUSH holiday collection. This holiday, I purchased both of these gels!

Here are my product images:



  • Ponche shower gel – This is a great, fruity, festive scent! I really like the smell because it is sweet and refreshing at the same time. Plus, the smell also stays on your skin for a while after the shower! I also love the fiery orange color! I think actually that this is inspired after a Mexican Christmas punch. It does have a hint of tequila in it! I suggest this product for anyone next season who wants a happy, festive, party scent!
  • Snow Fairy shower gel – These is another limited edition LUSH holiday shower gel. This scent is actually very very very sweet! It smells a bit like cotton candy medicine… which is a downfall for me. But this is actually a super popular holiday LUSH scent because it is seen in many other products like Snow Fairy massage bar and Snow Fairy perfume. My favorite part about this shower gel is the color! It is a beautiful light pink and I think in the bottom picture, you can see the luster in the gel! It adds lots of fun to this gel! The sparkles do not stay on your skin though after the shower.

So these are both great holiday shower gels from LUSH! I like them both greatly and look forward to using them up the rest of the winter and holiday season! Unfortunately, you cannot purchase these shower gels online or in store. But if you are lucky, they might have some left in your local LUSH store! Let me know if y’all have tried any of this seasons LUSH shower gels! I am interested to see what everyone else is loving from the holiday collection! Tata for now!

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