LUSH Coolaulin Conditioner Review

Hello all! So today I wanted to review something that I used in my shower last night and fell in love with!!! It is the LUSH Retro Coolaulin conditioner. I had mixed feelings about trying this product but was so excited that it was basically advertised as a coconut conditioner!

Here are images of my product:




  • Great smell – If you are a fan of coconut or LUSH’s Coconut deodorant, you would love this conditioner because it smells exactly like those! That was a major positive aspect of the product because it made your shower smell like a palm tree and your hair also smells great for a while!
  • Great results – I also loved how clean this conditioner made my hair. When I woke up this morning my hair was so clean and perfectly, naturally curled! It also still has a hint of coconut smell in it!


  • Too tangly – The only really negative about this conditioner is that it made my hair extremely ratted when I got out of the shower. I even sprayed de-tangler on my and it was a painful 5 minutes to brush out!

Overall, I really really enjoyed this hair product from LUSH. It is a great tropical conditioner for naturally wavy hair. My only main comment and concern is that the conditioner is a bit watery and it was hard to brush out my hair after use. I highly suggest this LUSH Retro product for anyone who wants to venture beyond all the popular LUSH store products! Let me know if you have tried any Retro products from LUSH and how you like them!

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