Atlanta LUSH Haul

Hello everyone! It is one very very rainy day here in New York! Today I wanted to show y’all a haul from a mall in Atlanta over my holiday break. Surprise, I decided to spend a good portion of my Christmas money on some cool LUSH products!

Here is everything I purchased:



  • Mr. Punch soap – I have already used this soap quite a bit in my shower and I love it! It is not tooooo festive, so it is a great product to use all year around.
  • Confident lip color – This is a lip shade from the Emotional Brilliance line called Confident. It is a rich, rich purple! I LOVE this lip color! This has to be in my top 3 favorite make up products from LUSH. I plan on doing a review for this one soon.
  • Tisty Tosty bath bomb – This bath product is a repurchase for me, I have used this about two or three times and greatly love it! It is a sweet floral scent that has many different roses come out of the bomb throughout the bath! I am also excited to write a cool review on this one!
  • Ceridwen’s Cauldron bath melt – This is one of LUSH’s most luxurious bath melts. I am beyond obsessed with this product. Again, this was a repurchase for me. I am beyond excited to write a fantastic review for this bath!
  • Snow Fairy massage bar – This was a last minute pick in the store! I am not sure how I like the snow fair scent from LUSH, it might be a little to sweet for me! But I know that I do like the color pink! It will be interesting to see how much I like this product!
  • Snowman bath bomb – This was also a last minute pick in the store! I thought that it was so adorable. I am curious to see if it does anything cool in my bath!

This was a fun haul because I got many, many different products! I know everyone loves looking at haul posts to see what everyone likes! Let me know if y’all had any LUSH hauls this past month or have tried any of these products! Tata for now!

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