Secret Santa Bath-LUSH Review

Good morning everyone! Today I wanted to do two bath bomb product reviews! For my first, I will talk about the holiday bath bomb, Secret Santa! I was extremely excited to purchase this bath bomb because of the size and most importantly, the smell! The LUSH sales lady told me that the scent of this bath bomb is the original LUSH scent of the store on 29 High St. in Poole, England! So that was a definite yes right there! I had very very high expectations for this bath bomb!

Here are product and action images:



So I actually put some bath oil in the tub before I placed Secret Santa. This oil is a coconut jasmine flavor and it is for the shower and bath. I really enjoyed this oil in my bath because it added to the overall hydration level. I got this bath oil from TJ Maxx. I am not quite sure what brand it is, but any bath oil will do the same job as this one!

Positives (Secret Santa):

  • Great smell – I talk about this a little bit above, but the smell of this product is a staple LUSH scent! It does smell very very similar to LUSH stores. I highly suggest this bomb for every LUSHie! It makes your entire bathroom smell like a LUSH store!
  • Awesome colors – I loved the colors in this bomb. When you first put it in the tub, it turns the water a highlight orange. Once the bomb reaches the center, the water turns a fuchsia with an array of glitter!

Negatives (Secret Santa):

  • Impossible to break – So I watched a few video and product reviews about this bath bomb before using it. The videos talked about how you can break this ballistic into three pieces, the center and both house sides. I could not break mine to save the life of me! I smashed it against my tub and picked it with a pen. It did not budge! So I just threw it all into my tub at once. This was a bummer for me.

Overall, this was a great bath! I think LUSH should come out with a ballistic this smell and this size that will be available all year. Unfortunately, I do not think you can purchase this bath bomb anymore because it was a part of their holiday collection. If you are lucky, you might be able to find a last minute one in a LUSH store! Let me know if you have tried this bath bomb and what you think of it! I really liked it and I am sue y’all will too!

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