Yankee Candle Land

So this winter I went to the Yankee Candle Factory Store in Deerfield, Massachusetts. Let me tell you, it was an awesome experience for candle lovers! Since it was a factory store, it was insanely huge! They had a kitchen room, jewelry room, food room, Christmas room, kids room and many, many candle rooms! I went with my friend and neighbor, Meghan! We both had a superb time.

Here are some pictures of us around the store:



So the top two pictures are from the Christmas room! The left is me in front of one of the smaller Christmas trees and the right is a picture of the big tree with ornaments placed all around it for purchase. The bottom left has the back of my friend Meghan in it and a picture of the entrance to the castle room! I thought it was more like a man cave shopping room! Interestingly, the picture on the bottom right is of my dipping different wax ornaments into colored wax. It was very cool and unusual! They also had a station where you can make your own candles!

Here are the candles I purchased from the large factory store:



This was actually the candle I made! They have a station called Wax Works where you can add different wax scents into an empty glass jar. I decided to go with a bunch of holiday scents! So the green part is Christmas tree and bellow that I added a lot of other flavors and on the bottom, I had cranberry! As you can probably tell, I did light this candle for a few days after Christmas! It is a really cool thing to do and put on your bucket list if you love candles!



So I got 5 different, unusual 3.7 oz. candles. I wanted to get scents that I would not usually pick up!

  • Banana Bread
  • Sunflower
  • Cranberry Chutney
  • Harvest
  • Whoopee Pie – which is on right now and smells absolutely great! I love chocolate, so it is perfect!

The larger size to the left is in Orange Dreamsicle. I have not yet tried this candle!

Overall, the experience I got from Yankee Candle Village and Yankee Candle Factory Store was phenomenal! I had a great time! I highly suggest this day trip for anyone in the Northeast region. If you wish to learn more about Yankee Candle Village, you can visit their website at http://www.yankeecandle.com/about-yankee-candle/visit-our-flagship-store/south-deerfield-events/t.

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