Square Hue 7.13 Collection

Hello all! So for my nail polish fans out there, here is a post about one of my favorite Square Hue collections from 2013 Salute Collection. If you do not know how or what Square Hue is you can visit there website at: http://www.squarehue.com. It is an awesome monthly nail polish purchase for only $15!

So here are the polishes and polishes from the Salute collection:


  1. Honor (gold) – I am IN LOVE with this polish. It is great because it is insanely sparkly. In fact, I love it and wear it so much it is on my nails right now! This color is a light gold with a high volume of shimmer in it.
  2. Patriot (blue) – This is another favorite of mine from Square Hue because I do not have a color like it so far in my entire polish collection! I like this royal or cobalt blue! It is fabulous and very very rich in color! This was on my nails a few times over 2013!
  3. Valor (greenish grey) – I am actually not sure where this color qualities in the color spectrum. It is grey but has a army green tint! I think that was the purpose of this color, a grayish-greenish lacquer! This is also a pretty unique shade.

So this is the July 2013 Square Hue collection! If you cannot tell by now, the three shades are inspired out of the America/Military eras. It is quite unique because every month they come out with a completely new different collection based on something very original! If you are a Square Hue subscriber or have used some of their polishes let me know! I am interested to see how other people view this monthly program!

Tata for now!

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