Santa’s Lip Scrub LUSH Review

Hello all! I am officially snowed in up here in NY! According to the weather channel, it feels about -15! That is absolutely freezing. Today I would like to review a product that I got for Christmas, Santa’s Lip Scrub!

Here are some product images:




  • Very festive – I love this product because of the strong presence of red! It is absolutely adorable for the holiday seasons. Plus, there is a large amount of heart confetti and red glitter throughout the formula.
  • Great taste – this lip scrub has a great taste! To me, it tastes like cherry coke! I believe there are some cherry and fig abstracts in Santa’s lip scrub that helps make it taste like Cocoa-Cola!
  • Does the job – Like all other LUSH lip scrubs, this one does the job! It exfoliates your lips by eliminating dry skin. It also makes them super soft!


  • Color weary – The only thing I do not care for about this lip scrub is the strong color when you put it on your lips. It leaves a faint red tint which does not look that great if you are about to apply a light lip shade. Also, if you accidentally put a bit outside your lip line, you will be dyed red!
  • Bit watery – The scrub I got is a bit watery. It is more like a paste rather than a usual sugar scrub from LUSH! It doesn’t bother me that much… but I wish the consistency was more course and sugary!

Overall I enjoy this holiday lip scrub! It tastes phenomenal! I enjoy how it is different from the other three lip scrubs LUSH offers yearly (Popcorn, Mint Julep and Bubblegum). This product will definitely be returned next holiday season because it was so popular! It took me about 3 store visits to find one! I would check with your local LUSH store to see if they have anymore in stock or online at the Buy One Get One sale. You can go there at:,en_US,sc.html

And for fun, here is a social media post from LUSH about this product posted on their Facebook account. It is referring to Mistletoe and showing the steps to a perfect pucker! First you apply the lib scrub and then add the colored lip balm! If you do not have any of their holiday products, you can purchase any of their yearly scrubs, balms and tinted balms for the perfect kiss!


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