Vineyard Vines Holiday Catalog Overview

Hello all! I am posting tons today, I know! Since I have not been posting a lot lately I decided that many posts are in order to catch up and please everyone! For this post, I want to kind of look at one of my favorite “prep” stores catalog, Vineyard Vines.

Here is the cover:


As you can tell, this is definitely a holiday catalog from the beach sitting Santa Claus! I really like the Vineyard Vines catalog covers because they are simple. They always have the logo in the top center, a large picture and a navy bar with an explanation of the catalog.

Here are the women and men gift pages:


These pages are very crowded! But they do the job. The purpose of these is to show all the products in a fast, simple way. For the women’s page, I have only purchased the whale boy hair tie but I love the sweaters this company makes! I cannot wait to splurge and purchase one! For the men’s page, I have not tried any of it (I bet y’all could have guessed that!). But I have purchased the green pull over for my boyfriend last year and he loves it!

Overall, Vineyard Vines has a great catalog that they come out with every few months to showcase their products. If you have never heard of this company they are based in the Northeast and make many different styles of clothes! Mainly preppy, comfy and nautical! To learn more about them you can visit their website at:

Hope y’all enjoyed reading through this post! Let me know if you like these design/catalog reviews.

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