Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt Review

Hello everyone! I just arrived back to New York. It has been one, crazy, travel break! My family and I took a road trip from New York to Georgia to visit my family for the holidays. Then, we drove to Charleston, SC to explore the southern city. Finally, I flew to Houston for a week to visit friends! So yes, it has been one crazy, crazy break! But I did get some phenomenal LUSH goodies! I cannot wait to review and post all the different products. My gifts are mainly from the holiday collection and Retro line. I will be reviewing all them in the upcoming weeks! But for now, I want to review the holiday bath melt, Star Light Star Bright.

Here are some pre bath and action bath images:



  • Great citrus smell! It is unbelievably refreshing!
  • Awesome experience – this melt was amazingly beautiful. First, you have the silver luster around the star. Second, there is a piece of turquoise melt in the middle that turns your water a faint blue. Third, the turquoise piece has a bunch of royal blue luster in it. As you can tell from the pictures, this luster stays in little blue pieces that are extremely hydrating in your tub.
  • All the hydration!!! This has to be the most hydrating bath melt ever from LUSH. When I got out of the bath, my skin was super soft. I highly suggest this for people with troubled winter skin.


  • A little small – the only negative part of this experience was the minimal amount of product in my tub, I wish that it was a little larger and had more meat to it. The bigger the better in my mind!

So far, this has to be one of my absolute favorite holiday bath products from LUSH. I enjoyed the entire experience. I would give this bath bomb a 4.6 out of 5. I do not think that this is available anymore online but it still might be in your local LUSH Cosmetics store! If anything, I am sure that this will be a returning product for the next holiday season!

Tata for now! Ohh… and I hope everyone has a safe, healthy and happy New Years! 2014 here we come!


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