Golden Wonders Bath Bomb LUSH Review

Hello all!!! It has been a while (almost a week) since I have posted. I am so sorry. I was road-tripping down the east coast to my grandparent’s house for Christmas in Atlanta. Currently, I am in Houston visiting friends! So since the holidays are to the end and I have lots and lots of holiday LUSH product reviews, I thought that it was best to review a different one each day! I also want to know about all the different thoughts and opinions on all of these products! Today, I want to talk about Golden Wonders bath bomb!

Here is the bath bomb and some action shots:

IMG_3952IMG_3953Photo on 12-20-13 at 9.32 PM



  • Smells great! This is a very citrusy bath bomb. If you are an orange lover, you would love this!
  • Great looks! I enjoy the look of this bath bomb. It is so festive!


  • Does not last to long. This bath bomb lasted about one minute in my bath 😦 by the time I got in there, I was very disappointed because I could not find the bath bomb to grab!
  • Only one color. I was also a little sad about the lack of color in this bath bomb. There was not any gold luster, pink foam, purple foam, nothing. The only color my tub turned was blue. I love the bath bombs that have different colors and looks like an exploding rainbow!

Overall, I just enjoyed this product. It was not THAT great… but it was a good, simple holiday bath bomb to start with. This product is no longer for purchase online on Although, they might still have this bath bomb in your nearest LUSH store!!! Has anyone else tried this bath bomb? What are your thoughts?

Tata for now!

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