Square Hue December Collection

Hello all! It is a beautiful day in NY, sunny and very very snowy! Hopefully it stays like this until Christmas! Anyways, today I wanted to post about my December Square Hue polishes. To start, I want to describe what Square Hue is and does. Square Hue is a monthly nail polish subscription for only $14.99! Which is a phenomenal deal if you ask me!  So if you subscribe, each month they send you three new and innovative colors. Another cool factor of this monthly subscription is that they donate the proceeds back to their buyers. It is a really cool idea! So I have been a member since August 2013. This is my first Square Hue post but I plan on going back and reviewing all the other collections.

Today, I wanted to talk about their 12.13 New York nail polish line! Here is the box it comes in, the trio of colors and color swatches:



So as you can tell, the polish comes in a small box filled with white confetti and a pamphlet that talks about the collection and the three different colors. The New York 12.13 Square Hue collection includes:

  1. Fifth Avenue (red) – this is a high gloss creme. I actually have used this color and I really like it! Unlike other reds, it has a great pink pigment to it which creates a strawberry red. I really like this color, especially during this time of year!
  2. Broadway (cream) – this is a sheer pearl shade. I am wearing this color on my nails now and love it because it reminds me of a light snowfall. Plus, it has a sparkle sheerness to the shade. It is always nice to add a simple color to your nail collection.
  3. Time Square (silver) – this is a creme holographic silver shade. Recently, I have really been into holographic nails. This lacquer is no exception. I have worn it for about two weeks because I loved it so much! If you are a sparkle/glitter fanatic (like me), you would also love this holographic shade!

So overall, I really enjoy getting my monthly Square Hue box because it always has super unique nail polishes that I originally would not think about getting!! I highly suggest this for any nail polish lovers! Tata for now!

If you would like to sign up for this or learn more about Square Hue, you can visit http://www.squarehue.com

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