Shoot for the Stars Bath Review

Hello alll! I am planning on going skiing today so that should be very fun since we have about 18 inches of fresh snow in New York! Since I am going to be going out and working my muscles in the bitter cold, I thought a bath bomb review would fit best today!

So here are some Shoot for the Stars action bath pictures:



Alright so as you can tell, this is a really cool and unique bath bomb! It smells of toffee and honey ( a twin to Honey I Washed the Kids soap). This bomb makes a very sweet bath! I loved it. It turns your water a deep purple but first goes through many different colorful phases. The first phase includes the yellow shooting star, this makes a purple and yellow swirl in your bath (pictures above). The second part of the bomb is the pink center with an enormous amount of silver glitter powder. This makes your bath very luxurious and glittery!!! I suggest this bath for anyone who loves a sweet, glittery sensation. Overall, this is a great holiday ballistic!

If you want to try this bath bomb, you have to quick! It is only out for the holidays. You can find it online at:,en_US,pd.html#q=star%2520&start=15

Let me know if you have tried this ballistic!!! Tata for now!

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