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The second post in one day! Since I am currently laying in bed conquering the flu, I decided that another blog post was in order (in between episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, I am addicted). But I think with the winter weather and “dry season” quickly approaching, it is time for a LUSH foot care post!

So LUSH has a few different products made especially for the feet. These are Fair Trade foot lotion, Stepping Stone exfoliator bar, Volcano foot mask and T for Toes deodorant powder. I have not tried the T for Toes powder but I have tried all the rest of the foot products.

Here are all of my products:



In order from left to right, we have:

  • Fiar Trade foot lotion – this is a great minty fresh lotion. I use it on my feet and also my skin after working out or showering. This is the last step for the LUSH foot care line. You put this on after you exfoliate and “mask” your feet! Plus, it is a great color of course, PINK! Here is an inside look at the lotion:


  • Volcano foot mask – this is an excellent food care product. I love this mask because of the tingly, firey sensation it creates while on your feet! This is the first product I use when exfoliating and cleaning my feet. I put it on thoroughly and then tie plastic grocery bags over my feet. This allows me to walk around for ten minutes. The mask is very, very powerful! You can leave it on for the desired time (the more its on, the more heat you will feel). BOTTOM LINE: this mask really heats up your feet to remove all impurities. Here is the inside of my Volcano mask:


  • Stepping Stone exfoliator – I use this product second in the three foot care items. This is a great sizzling exfoliator.  According to LUSH, this is a sea salt scrub for fresh feet. I love the smell of this product. It is very “citrusy” and of course, like most LUSH products, fresh! Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of my Stepping Stone when you first get it but you can find more information and the link to it here:,en_US,pd.html#q=stepping%2520stone&start=1. I like to crush mine up and put it in a reused plastic container. Then when using, I just take a little chunk and spread it around my feet.

Overall, I love all of these products. They are phenomenal. For a future post, I plan on going deeper and explaining the Volcano foot mask with step by step instructions. Let me know if you have tried or used any of these products! I love them!!

Tata for now! Happy Holidays!

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