Holiday Nails Social Media Posts

Hello all! I wanted to show you guys some of my favorite holiday nail art posts. Since I am just starting to get into the nail art fad, these are great inspirations and practice designs! A majority of the posts I will share are from Nail it! Magazine and ncLA. Lets get started!!

Post #1- This is an Instagram post from nailitmag.  I love this nail art because it is simple and very festive! But not to festive. If you cannot tell, it is snowflakes with diamonds in the middle and a clear coat on top. I love this design because it is not out there and very intricate but simple.



Post #2 – This is a unique take on one of the most recent fads, matte! I love this red. It is very festive! And I like the design on the other two nails. This looks very very intricate. How would they do this?! I think they took nail tape and made the design pattern then painted in the shapes and took off the tape! What do y’all think? Again, this is another Instagram post from nailitmag.



Post #3 – Yet again, another Instagram post from nailitmag. This one is very very cheesy festive! But I love it, because it has a different take on holiday colors. For example, the green is a pastel rather than dark and they used some orange! Plus, it does not hurt that the snowman is adorable!



Post #4 – This is also from nailitmag’s Instagram account. Now this is the most intricate so far! Look at each nail, it has its own design. It kind of reminds me of a Christmas sweater. Since I am a sparkle/glitter fanatic, I also love the mini diamonds placed in the designs.



Post #5 – Again… this is from nailitmag’s Instagram. This is also a very cute holiday design! First, I love the red polish because it is so sparkly! Second, I love the icicles effect. It really is a different, unusual take on a holiday design. I would of maybe added in some mini diamonds! Plus, I think that I can do this one myself! Hahah wish me luck y’all!



Post #6 – Lastly, the classic holiday nail art design from nailitmag’s Instagram! I love this design because they use an indie nail polish shade. I also love the nail with all the multi-colored dots! I recently purchased some dot utensils, so I am excited to take on that challenge! The nail with the bow is also pretty unique and looks like gift wrapping!



I hope all of these posts gave y’all some great holiday nail art ideas and inspiration! They are pretty unique. If you would like to follow any of these Instagram accounts in the future, you can follow nailitmag or the individual nail artists (normally their account names are on their pictures in the post). And finally, have y’all done any nail art holiday designs?! If so, please share!

Tata for now!

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