LUSH Limited Edition Perfume Thoughts?

Hello all! Today I want to talk about the limited edition perfumes that LUSH came out with for the Holiday season. I have not yet tried any of them yet! So I am curious to see if anyone else has and what they think of it?!

So the perfumes were reveled over social media. LUSH first posted this on their Instagram (@lushcosmetics):



Basically this communicates that limited edition perfumes will be released. They also said the perfumes will be announced over a LUSH party chat on November 22.

Later in the week, they posted this on their Instagram:



They reveled all the perfume scents!

They are…

  • Snow Fairy – this is a popular LUSH Christmas scent. It comes in shower gel, bubble bars and massage bars.
  • Snowcake – this is another popular LUSH holiday fragrance. You can find this scent in other products like the Snowcake soap! It is a scrumptious marzipan aroma.
  • Ponche  – this is a great scent! It also comes in the form of a shower gel. It is LUSH’s version of a fruity tequila punch!
  • SOLD OUT Rose Jam – this scent is actually sold out online. I was not able to find it. But if you are curious to know what the aroma smells like it is used in many LUSH products such as the Rose Jam shower gel and Rose Jam bubble bar.
  • SOLD OUT Caracas – I believe that this scent is also sold out online. I actually do not know a lot about this one. I am not sure what it smells like or if it has any twin LUSH products.

I have not yet tried any of these smells or holiday products yet! I do have the Snow Fairy and Ponche shower gels which I will try very soon. Do y’all have any of these LUSH Scents?! If so, please share!!!

Tata for now! Happy Holidays!

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