Mint Julips Lip Scrub – LUSH Review

Today I wanted to review one of my favorite LUSH products and most tasty LUSH product,  Mint Julep Lip Scrub!

Here are some pictures of mine:



This one flavor out of many lip scrubs from LUSH. They also have Bubblegum and Popcorn. For the Holidays they have Santa’s lip scrub. Mine is the Mint Julips flavor. I love it because it tastes exactly like mint chocolate!


  • Minty, refreshing flavor
  • Great lip exfoliation
  • Takes a long time to use up


  • Can be abrasive
  • Awkward to use at first
  • Takes a bit of effort to get off of lips

So here are the pros and cons of the product! I really believe the cons are not important because the product is so great. It actually has a noticeable effect. When my lips are chapped and flakey, I use this scrub and it goes away instantly. I suggest using lip balm after this product though to amplify moisture!

Hope this helps when looking for holiday LUSH gifts! Everyone can use a lip scrub!

Tata for now!

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