Tiffany Christmas Catalog

Hello all! It has been an eventful day for me I had a final this morning and the snow is coming down! I am excited to ski this weekend at Hunter Mountain in the Catskills. But enough with my life, I wanted to show y’all one of my favorite “catalogers”, Tiffany & Co.

So many of you might have received this catalog in the mail but I just wanted to post about it since it was so festive and blue!!

Here are the front and back covers:



The catalog had thick card board like paper for the covers and binding. Of course, as expected, the colors were white, tiffany blue and black for the logo. But one side of the catalog had a little holiday spirit! The front had red shiny lettering that said “The Perfect Holiday Comes Wrapped In Blue.” I thought that this was a cute take Christmas gifts.

Next are some of the page designs pictured below:



These spreads are very different. One shows their products: fancy rings, large gemstones and lots lots lots of diamonds. The other spread shows where they “picture” their product being. In this ones case, near a christmas tree, husband and wife sitting on a couch, husband surprises wife with a Tiffany gift.

These spreads are what made this Tiffany catalog different from the rest. They actually showed humans for once!! It was not just a bunch of diamonds. I really enjoyed this catalog because it showed products and realities.

Let me know what y’all think! Tata for now!

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