Sultana of Soap: The Best LUSH Soap

Hello everyone! Sorry for not posting yesterday (I was in NYC at a P!NK concert, it was phenomenal). Anyhow, today I wanted to talk about the best of the best, the most amazing, the most moisturizing soap from LUSH: Sultana of Soap!!

I LOVE this product if you cannot already tell. It is one of my favorite soaps because of its hydrating cream lie quality. According to LUSH, Sultana is a lusciously fruity, creamy supreme soap and that is 100% true.

Here is a picture of my latest Sultana chunk:



As you can see, this soap is a cream color and has a bunch of dried apricots at the top of it. There are many many many positives of this product and only one negative !


  • It has a fantastic orange/citrus/fruity aroma
  • The texture is on key
  • It does a great job foaming up
  • It is super super creamy
  • It is very hydrating (great for dry skin)


  • It gets used up to quickly!!!

So…. the BOTTOM LINE: If you have never ever ever tried a soap from LUSH, this is the one to try! As LUSH calls it, the royalty of all soaps in the cosmetic deli. Give it a try! It will not disappoint.

Tata for now LUSHies!

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