Cinders Bath Bomb Review

I love the LUSH Christmas line. It is so cool to take baths that are just for the holidays and super unique. So far I have taken a few with special edition bath products, but this is my first product review post for one!

Presenting… THE CINDERS BATH! According to LUSH, Cinders is a warming cinnamon crackler! It is a sweet and spicy bomb infused with almond oil to keep your skin smooth. It feels like you are curling up to a welcoming fire in the tub!


I purchased Cinders in my haul bellow. I took this bath a few days ago and really enjoyed it!

Here are some bath pictures:



I really enjoyed the bath. But as always, there were a few negatives and positives.


  • Great “crackle” effect (pop rocks are in my tub?!)
  • Great holiday aroma (fire-side cinnamon)
  • Fantastic experience
  • Amazing gold water color (I completely forgot to take a picture of this! Sorry guys!)


  • Really small bath bomb (need more for larger tub)
  • Wish there was more surprise

Overall, I really enjoyed this bath! I highly recommend for a quick soak! Tata for now!

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