Winter LUSH Haul

Wow… second post today. This is a record for me. Since my last post (LUSH retired products) was a bit depressing for all you LUSHies, I decided a Holiday Haul would add some positivity! 

Here is is, my Winter LUSH haul!:



So I went to LUSH in Times Square and it was very,very crowded! I had a hard time navigating through the store to grab all my Christmas goodies. 

The Haul includes:

  • Snow Fairy shower gel
  • Gorgeous moisturizer
  • Star Light, Star Bright bath melt
  • American Cream conditioner
  • Lovel Jubblies lotion 
  • Angel’s Delight soap
  • Snow Globe soap
  • Cinders bath bomb
  • Shoot for the Stars bath bomb
  • Magic Wand bubble bar
  • Golden Wonder bath bomb
  • Ponche shower gel
  • Secret Santa bath bomb

I have used some of these products and will be writing product reviews for each one soon! But I want to know what products y’all want to hear about first?! Let a LUSHie know! Also, if you have an holiday favorites I would love to hear about it! 

Tata for now! 

Oh and p.s. since The Olympics are coming up and I forgot to post this on Thanksgiving… Sean White, gold-medal snow boarder, says Happy (Late) Thanksgiving y’all! 


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