Wiccy Magic Muscles – LUSH Review

Hello all! It has been an interesting week so far. Lots of school work and other end of year events. I thought that it would be best to talk about one of my latest massage bar purchases since I have been using it after my work outs this month! So I am going to introduce to you… The Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar!!

As usual, I got this bar because of its “healing” and “soothing” qualities. According to LUSH, this is a spicy bar for sore muscles (it sure is spicy).

Here are some pictures of mine:



  • Massage worthy: very moisturizing
  • Great for sore muscles
  • Aduki beans (red dots) make for a great massage
  • Looks adorable in the LUSH tin
  • Lasts a while


  • VERY strong aroma
  • Little oily: use a dusting powder after use

Overall I enjoy this massage bar. I think that the spicy smell of cinnamon and peppermint make it unique. Plus, the aduki beans add a unique edge to the product. I mainly use this product after I work out or ski. It is great for sore leg and ab muscles.

Also, if you have never purchased the LUSH oval tin, it is a great $3 well spent (or however much it is). It protects your massage bars from the scary outside world and also if it does melt, at least it will still be in an oval shape!

Oval tin:



BOTTOM LINE: If you enjoy massages and have sore muscles frequently, this is the bar for you! it actually does a great job soothing muscles. But be warned, the smell is very strong and takes some time to get used too!

I hope this helps when thinking about LUSH massage bars! Let me know what massage bars you have or want to try! Tata for now!


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