Michael Kors Haul

With the upcoming holiday season in gear (and the past weekend of Black Friday shopping), I decided to go out early in the morning to splurge on a one and only, Michael Kors watch!

My old watch (http://www.michaelkors.com/p/Michael-Kors-Michael-Kors-Tortoise-Jet-Set-Watch-TORTOISE-HORN/prod1620003_cat31902_cat35701_/?index=4&cmCat=cat000000cat145cat35701cat31902&isEditorial=false) decided that it was time to break and the battery stopped working. Therefore, I knew it was time to repurchase another Kors!

I was inspired by this Instagram post a few weeks ago:


This watch is one of Michael Kors newest watches. I loved the gold trim, shocking white face with roman numeral numbers and the diamonds that surrounded the outside of the face. It also is a unique watch because of its shape. It is not everyday that you see someone walking down the street (or wherever you might be) wearing a square Kors!

So I went to the Michael Kors store and tried it on. I thought it would be perfect but just looked very odd on my small wrists. So I went for another gold watch look and ended up purchasing this one:



This watch is called, Michael Kors Parker Glitz Watch. Since I got it on sale at an outlet, I cannot seem to find the exact link on their website. But it looks something like this watch: http://www.michaelkors.com/p/Michael-Kors-Michael-Kors-Parker-Glitz-Watch-Two-Tone-GOLDEN/prod15990032_cat20403_cat35701_/?index=47&cmCat=cat000000cat145cat35701cat20403&isEditorial=false. I cannot wait to wear this watch during the holidays!

For those of you who have never heard of Michael Kors, he is a great designer of watches, sun glasses, purses, jewelry, shoes and much much more! His website is http://www.michaelkors.com!

Tata for now!


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