LUSH Review – R&B

Another LUSH review for the books. This post I will be reviewing the LUSH’s “hair finisher,” R&B. This was one of my first products I tried from LUSH’s hair line. I was looking for a leave in conditioner which would seriously hydrate and rejuvenate my hair. I thought R&B was it.

Here are some images of the product pot:



As you can tell, R&B is a hair moisturizer to revive and balance to develop “sexy tresses.” The picture to the left describes all of R&B ingredients. The featured ingredient in this product is cupuacu butter. The cupuacu tree is a tropical tree native to many different parts of the Amazon rainforest. This tree is very similar to the coca tree, which coco butter is made from.

Positive product aspects:

  • The smell is phenomenal (it reminds me of a tropical paradise).
  • Easy to use, easy to put in hair, easy to brush out.

Negative product aspects:

  • Can leave hair really oily the next day.
  • Thick residue left over in hair.

Overall, I like this LUSH product but I do not think it is a must need for me. I have barely used this whole pot and have had it for a while now. But, I do not think I enjoy it that much because my hair is oily and hydrated to begin with. I think that this product is made for people with dry, curly hair. I am curious to know if anyone else has used this product and your comments/feelings about it!

As always, thank you Kokeb for making this product!! (you can tell that I have had this pot for a while because the compounder sticker is old school)!



Sorry that I did not post a daily review yesterday, I am in Vermont skiing for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend! Gobble gobble everyone!

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