No Drought Review


A popular product that has arose this year is dry shampoo. I am sure many of you bloggers have a favorite. For example, the infamous Pssst! spray dry shampoo or the over used Tresemme dry shampoo spray. But of course, my used dry shampoo that could last for a million years, is the LUSH No Drought dry shampoo.

This product is contained in a bottle (just like all other dusting powders and deodorants from LUSH). I actually own the larger 4.4 oz. container. But I do believe they sell them in the smaller/trial size like containers. This is a product you will use weekly if you let your hair  rest from the shower a few days a week.


  • It smells fantastic (very citrus) – the featured ingredient is citrus
  • It refreshes your hair! – absorbs all the oils


  • It is awkward to get out and put on your hair…
  • It leaves a white residue

Overall, I believe that this product is very very very useful. Even though there are some negatives, I think they are minimal compared to the overall result! To put this product in my hair I dab it all over my problem areas (normally top of head) and then massage it into my scalp, leave to absorb for a few minutes and then comb out. The results are phenomenal!

If you want to learn any more about No Drought from LUSH Cosmetics, visit:,en_US,pd.html#start=15

Tata for now! (by the way, sorry for no daily post yesterday, I was Lush-ing it up in NYC! Haul coming very very very soon!)

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