Indie Nail Lacquer

Since I am an avid reader of Nail It! (a magazine all about nail polish and nail polish trends), I decided that I should share some of my “indie nail polishes.” Indie nail polish is considered lacquer that is not mass produced and sold online, with either a small team or individual making it.

So far, my indie collection consists of two polishes:



  1. The one on the far left is from Digital Nails. The color i called Double Rainicorn (innovative title I know). This polish has a light gray base and is a jumble of many different types of glitter. The glitter ranges from small red tinsel to huge green sequins. I like this polish, but it is super hard finding the right color to go with this since it is kind of “out there.” If you wish to look more into this lacquer, you can find Digital Nails online at Etsy at They have a lot of really unique glitter colors !
  2. The second polish on the very right is from Lush lacquer. The sub title on the polish says it is a “unique nail polish.” This is very true hahah. This color is clowning around. It is a clear polish with many different sizes of rainbow lacquer. I actually think this color is extremely hard to put on your nails, you have to dab it rather than brush it on. This is a really unique glitter nail polish! I do not remember where I ordered this nail polish brand from, but I looked and you can purchase almost all of their collection online at ebay:

If you want to learn more about indie nail polish and the current indie fad, you can read more on it at (it is a GREAT nail polish magazine for all nail polish gurus)

Tata for now!

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