The Enchanter Bath

The Enchanter is a very cool and unique bath bomb from LUSH! I really enjoyed this bath bomb because of the scent and the color of the bath water.

Here is are some pictures of The Enchanter before the tub:



This is a huge bath bomb! As you can tell in the picture to the right, it is almost the size of my palm! That is huge (I think almost all LUSH bath bombs are around this size)


As you can tell, this bath bomb really makes the water orange-y and what I like to call it, a bath tub sunset. The featured ingredient in this product is lime oil. Therefore, it really makes your water smell like citrus. It is also a plus that it makes the water so beautiful. I seriously suggest this bath bomb for anyone who loves sunsets or sunrises.

It really does make your day brighter! Tata for now!

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