LUSH Coconut Review

In the Drawer of LUSH post, I raved on and on about the Coconut deodorant that I reach for almost everyday. 

Here is the product:



This bottle is the 2.3 oz. deodorant. Some of you might question a power/dusting like form of deodorant, but it works the same as solid deodorant and even better in some cases. For example, this deodorant does not leave marks on your clothing, etc. 



Here is the product description right from the bottle. In this picture, it is closer and therefore easier to tell that the product is just a white powder. But as the name gives it away this is one “coconutty deodorizer!” I love the smell of sweet coconuts so this is a perfect smell to have on my body all day! 

According to LUSH, they put many different coconut extracts in this products. It is also a good product to use for stinky feet! (i have never used Coconut for that before). 



I just wanted to finish by saying thank you to this compounder, Drew!! I really enjoy using this product! I am sure there are a lot of other LUSHie’s out there who also love this product! 


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