Kendra Scott Rave

Since I am a Southern Bell from the great state of Texas, I have been immersed and obsessed with southern fashion. This fashion ranges from monograms, charm bracelets, cow girl boots, and now to the jewelry designer, Kendra Scott. Kendra launched her collection with just 500 dollars in 2002 and now, it is a multi-million dollar brand almost 11 years later.

For those of you who want to learn more about Kendra and her jewelry, you can visit her website at

But, the reason why I want to rave on and on about Kendra is because of my recent purchase from her huge online sale. I decided to get a trio ring set.



Since my fingers are pretty chubby, I am a size 8. But I really enjoy that each ring is pretty unique and will match almost anything. I mean, what does not match with gold and a pearl white? The rings also come in different colors and are still available in the online sale ( You can either stack them or wear them separately!

My nail polish color is from the October SquareHue Collection called: Iron Horse. If you are not familiar with SquareHue you can visit their website at But, I will start to do posts about SquareHue and you can learn a lot about them then!

If you have any questions about either Kendra Scott or SquareHue, feel free to comment! Tata for now!

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