Longchamp Brochure Critique

For all of the purse fans and of course, Longchamp fans out there, here is a post just for you!

Recently, I got the brochure for the Quadri purse by Longchamp in the mail. I get brochures and advertisements for many different companies almost every day but this one was extremely unique and different. In my opinion, very eye catching indeed.

Here is what the pamphlet look like when you get it in the mail:



…here is the pamphlet when you pull out the red paper:



…finally, here is the the inside information/advertisement:



Can you see the uniqueness now? As a student aspiring to be communication and public relations director, I thought that this Longchamp brochure was beyond phenomenal. First, it is unusual because it varies from the usual catalog design done by many companies. Therefore, it makes the receiver want to open up and see what is inside even more. It intrigues us. Second, the brochure is clean and modern, with the ages. The front of the brochure really focuses on the white space which is very catching to the eye. The cut out also adds a great artistic and personal touch, it helps to develop what the brand represents.

I am interested to see if anyone is obsessing over this pamphlet? It could just be the next new look for advertising and catalogs.

If you want to learn more about Longchamp or are interested in Longchamp purses visit their website at http://us.longchamp.com. It is a French company, so brush up on your francais! Au revoir!

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