10 Secrets of LUSH told by a LUSHie!

In honor of the article from the LUSH Times: Fall 2013, “10 Things You Might Not Know About Perfume,” I decided to make a “10 Secrets of LUSH” list.

Secret #1: Make it fresh: LUSH makes the freshest facemasks in the world. All of the their facemasks are made by hand. For example, the Sacred Truth facemask is made with 13 sliced papayas, 7 ounces of fresh squeezed wheatgrass, 33 fresh farm eggs, and more!

Secret #2: LUSH composes every possible scrap from their kitchens. According to the LUSH Times, the Toronto facility produced 88,000 lbs. of composted materials. LUSH then takes all of this compost to produce electricity to put into the public grid.

Secret #3: On every product made, the compounders smiling face is put on the pot. This sticker is made for every compounder at LUSH headquarters with a cartoon look alike of them. Also included on this sticker is the day it was made and the day the product expires.

Secret #4: A bunch of the names on LUSH products are inspired by English rock artist. For instance, the bath bomb, Sex Bomb, is inspired by Tom Jones.

Secret #5: In the LUSH Times, there is an article about the right products to take when one goes camping. These products include, a solid deodorant, solid shampoo bar, dry shampoo, toothy tabs, and lip balm. Interestingly, LUSH solid shampoo bars save over 450,000 liters of water each year. (My favorite solid shampoo is Godiva because it smells of jasmine!)

Secret #6: Rose: rose is a wonderful product because it sooths dry skin and has a balancing effect on emotions.  LUSH uses many parts of the rose such as the petals, the oil, the wax, and rose absolute. Some LUSH products that are filled with roses are Ultrabalm, Lovely Jubblies, Ro’s Argan, Imogen Rose, and more.

Secret #7: The Cosmetic Deli: LUSH stores are designed after a deli. When one walks in a store they would notice the huge soap forms sliced and ordered by weight and the bath bombs are in boxes splayed out like vegetables in a super market.

Secret #8: LUSH created a campaign called Charity Pot in 2010. Charity Pot is a coco butter lotion, which smells of chocolate. But here is the catch, whenever one purchases a Charity Pot all of the proceeds go to various charities around the world.

Secret #9: LUSH Spa comes to North America this Fall in New York City and Philadelphia. The spa will include seven different treatments and the interior will be designed after an English salon.

Secret #10: LUSH is a true, sustainable company. They are fresh, naked, cruelty free, vegetarian, vegan and handmade.

LUSH store front

picture credit: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/retailandconsumer/8273840/Thousands-of-Lush-customers-fall-victim-to-computer-hackers.html

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